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Explore the “gray areas” of leadership with curiosity, humor and growth in mind.

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Join us for conversations with inspirational leaders from all walks of life as we discuss the power of choice and what it means to be a Mindful Leader in today's world. We will share stories of successes and failures, offer tips for aspiring leaders, and explore the overall messiness of leadership with curiosity, humor, and growth. At Move Mountains, we understand that Mindful Leadership is a constant journey, and we know that we all have the capacity to be leaders. Through meaningful conversations and the proper alignment of Attention, Intention, and Action, we can all rise to the challenges of the world today and make it a little brighter for everyone.

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Charlie White

Charlie founded Move Mountains in 2013 to offer clients training and coaching in Mindful Leadership, with methods based in experiential and engaging learning experiences.

Through carefully crafted experiences engaging the body and mind, Charlie guides guests in discovering their strengths and inherent leadership qualities, which can then be drawn into the open and serve listeners in their personal and work lives. In these short conversations, Charlie goes to great lengths to create an environment that is open and authentic to have meaningful conversations and we invite you to join us in the never ending adventure of discovering Mindful Leadership.