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Ep. 49 | Yosi Amram - Awakening Spiritual Intelligence

June 11, 2024

Yosi Amram joins host Charlie White for an enlivening conversation about converging leadership with spiritual intelligence in episode of 49 of ‘Messy Adventures in Leadership.’

Yosi has coached over a hundred CEOs in the past twenty years. Serving as both a confidant and coach, he offers a sounding board for CEOs, providing guidance and coaching on building and managing companies, teams, investors, and boards. Yosi supports CEOs in developing more inspirational leadership, enhancing their leadership power by tapping into and nurturing their purpose, passion, and authentic presence, and creating deeper meaning through their work.

“My mission is to awaken greater spiritual intelligence in myself and the world. And my hope is that twenty years from now spiritual intelligence is as broadly permeating our culture as emotional intelligence.” 

Yosi Amram

Yosi’s latest book ‘Spiritual Intelligent Leadership’ is now available. 

Spiritual Intelligence (SI) is our ability to draw on and embody qualities from the world’s wisdom and spiritual traditions that have been shown to enhance functioning and wellbeing. To learn more about my research into Spiritual Intelligence and to receive your free Spiritual Intelligence profile highlighting your strengths, areas for growth, and curated tips for development, click here.

For more on Yosi check out and his YouTube channel: Awakening Spiritual Intelligence.