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What if your team could grow as individuals, connect as a group, and set a higher standard for leadership within your organization?

Our comprehensive Discovery process can help you decide which program is right for you. Whether you are looking to discover and strengthen areas of opportunity for your team as a whole, and you are looking to provide individualized coaching for select team members, we can deliver carefully crafted programs ensuring the impact of your results are sustainable.

Team Development Benefits

  • Experience world-class customer support, as we are with you throughout the process to adapt with your evolving needs and provide a program your team will value.
  • Show your team that you value their investment of time and vulnerability. A consistent relationship with Move Mountains means they aren’t having to reinvest in new facilitator relationships at every off-site. As a result, you open the possibility for more substantial growth and a more fulfilled team.
  • Let the numbers do the talking. Our pre and post-program use of the Mindful Leadership Inventory allows us to provide you a Team Report with insight into your teams strengths and opportunities for growth, as well as provide evidence for the success the program's implementation.


  • Mindful Leadership Inventory Personal Report
  • Highly personalized Coaching for team leaders
  • Integrate a custom Event like a retreat, off-site or adventure
  • 1-hour Coaching video calls every 3 weeks
  • Integrate a custom Event like a retreat, off-site or adventure
  • 6 and 12-month personal growth assessments
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  • (3) 1-hour Team strategy calls
  • Mindful Leadership Inventory Team Report
  • 4 hours of tactical and strategic implementation support calls
  • Integrate a custom Event like a retreat, off-site or adventure
  • Integrate Coaching for team leaders
  • 6 and 12-month team growth assessments
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At Move Mountains, our team creates a personal relationship with your team to ensure your experience is fulfilling and your goals are met. Our passion for your growth means that you have the full support of our organization, including our research, proven teachings, and practical tools.

Our Approach

  • Authentic Customization

    Custom experiences to inspire and empower you to actualize Mindful Leadership

  • Experiential Learning

    Opportunities for mind-body interactions just outside the comfort zone

  • People + Data

    Backed by research, data analytics and mindfulness practices

  • Move Mountains facilitators were attentive and responsive every step of the way. They accommodated varying levels of comfort, adjusted for adverse weather conditions, and took the time and care to ensure an enriching environment for our group."

    Adrienne Palmer, Insite
  • As a tech company, it’s hard to find professional development that creates a lasting impact on our work – Move Mountains did just that. Our time with Move Mountains was engaging and fun, and we all walked away with tools to help us communicate and find better balance in our work lives."

    Tim Olesnavage, Co-Founder, Code Tahoe