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Ep. 50 | Lizzie Harbin - Leading through the Mess

June 25, 2024

Welcome back to Messy Adventures in Mindful Leadership with Charlie White. Today, we’re joined by Lizzie Harbin, who offers invaluable insights on leading amidst life’s unpredictability.

Lizzie emphasizes the importance of embracing life’s messiness as a leader. From giving meaningful feedback to fostering open communication, she underscores the need for authenticity and resilience.

She encourages leaders to celebrate challenges with humor and humility, creating an environment where innovation thrives. Lizzie also highlights the value of accepting failure as part of personal growth.

For Lizzie, leadership means being comfortable with uncertainties and focusing on service to others. By doing inner work and embracing their own imperfections, leaders can better support their teams.

Join us for more inspiring conversations on Messy Adventures in Mindful Leadership. Stay tuned for insights that transform how you lead.