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What if you could grow as an individual, gain confidence, discover your true purpose, and feel fulfilled?

Move Mountains personal coaches lead you on a journey to discover your best self. Along the way, reconnect with your deepest aspirations, and practice the principles of Mindful Leadership. Learn to lean into vulnerability to connect to your core values, your North Star. Experience heightened senses of confidence, self-worth, and compassion.

Personal Coaching Outcomes

  • Personal growth measured by our Mindful Leadership Inventory
  • Improved intentional responsiveness to your thoughts and emotions
  • Increased scores on your organizations’ engagement metrics
  • Practical embodied techniques for implementing sustainable leadership actions
  • Resources and a path to success with the Move Mountains Mindful Leadership principles of Attention, Intention, and Action
  • Support of the Move Mountains community of coaches and practitioners

Personal Coaching Essentials

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Join us on a personal journey of professional growth and personal wellbeing to unleash the Mindful Leader within you.

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Mindful Leadership Club: Coaching

Are you ready for real sustainable change? Move Mountains fuses data driven leadership development and embodied mindfulness. We seek a fundamental transformation in the way you relate to yourself and others. Change the way others perceive and react to you with our exclusive Mindful Leadership Club: Coaching.

The workplace is evolving. Rise up and lead yourself and others for a better tomorrow. Become a Mindful Leader.

  • Bi-weekly coaching calls
  • Personalized Mindful Leadership training
  • Action-driven coaching promoting embodied behavioral change
  • Access to exclusive high adventure experiences
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At Move Mountains, we design every personal coaching program to be maximally impactful for short-term shifts and long-term transformations that is customized to your needs. Our team creates a personal relationship with you to ensure your experience helps  you to actualize your goals and mindful leadership practices.

Our Unique Approach

  • Practical People Science

  • Movement and Experience

  • Personalized Path


  • As a tech company, it’s hard to find professional development that creates a lasting impact on our work – Move Mountains did just that. Our time with Move Mountains was engaging and fun, and we all walked away with tools to help us communicate and find better balance in our work lives."

    TIM OLESNAVAGE, Co-Founder, Code Tahoe