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The workplace is evolving.
EAPs don’t work.

Move Mountains uses a mindfulness-based approach to human development and mental wellness. We design our training and coaching programs to create real change in the well-being of employees at work and in life.

We offer solutions suited to individuals, teams, and organizations. 

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  • Personal Development in wellness and mindfulness
  • Achievable Health and Nutrition Planning
  • One-on-one mindfulness-based coaching
  • Action-driven coaching for embodied behavioral change


  • Fully customized workshops
  • Monthly Zoom-based workshops and weekly practice sessions
  • Optional adventure-based outdoor experiences
  • Pre and Post personal and team check-in to ensure sustained change

Our best self is often buried. Beneath our awareness, we carry layers of experience and learned behaviors that longer serve us. Move Mountains helps you identify those blindspots and shift your behavior. Wellness is about living in alignment with your commitments and purpose.

Our unique blend of coaching, training, and experiential learning honors the diversity and complexity of each human. We treat the mind as the intersection of your physical body, intellect, emotional experience, and spirit (interconnectedness). The result is Mindful Leadership, bringing increased well-being and resilience at work and in life.

Our Unique Approach

  • Practical People Science

  • Movement and Experience

  • Personalized Path


  • As a tech company, it’s hard to find professional development that creates a lasting impact on our work – Move Mountains did just that. Our time with Move Mountains was engaging and fun, and we all walked away with tools to help us communicate and find better balance in our work lives."

    TIM OLESNAVAGE, Co-Founder, Code Tahoe
  • After the Move Mountains workshop I felt ready to move mountains (quite literally) and a renewed connection to my purpose. I’m extremely to the facilitators creating a safe environment to share and reflect and ultimately grow. Teachings are simple yet profound and always presented with a touch of humor. I personally recommend for every company to invest in Move Mountains to inspire their leaders."

    Bettina Pullum, Workforce Solutions Manager, Global Operations for Hyatt Regency