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Episode 2 | Bringing Mindful Leadership to the Financial World with Greg Skidmore

April 26, 2020

Greg Skidmore is the Founder and President of Belpointe Asset Management. Within the company, his role includes leading and developing portfolio managers and wealth advisors with mindfulness practices deeply ingrained in his proprietary process. Greg discusses his principles of training your mind through a simple 3 step process of clearing your mind, resetting your brain chemistry and self soothing. Life delivers us a lot of opportunities to become more resilient and our conversation with Greg provides tips on how best to become a stronger, better version of ourselves.

“Just like we need to go to the gym to train our bodies and how we go outside with purpose to use them, we have to do the same thing with our minds. We have to train our minds to become more resilient to discomfort.” – Greg Skidmore, Founder and President of Belpointe Asset Management