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Episode 3 | The power of mindfulness in outdoor adventure & education with Rosie Hackett

April 28, 2020

A self proclaimed Steward of Enthusiasm, Rosie Hackett, is a professor who leads the Outdoor Leadership Program at Sierra Nevada University in Incline Village, NV. Rosie discusses how you take self awareness, team awareness and environmental awareness (elements of her curriculum) and tie that into outdoor education and adventure. Rosie teaches us we don’t have to summit Everest to gain the values of mindfulness and that learning happens with how to be successful and survive outdoors, but that these skills can be applied to our every day lives. 

“I’ve realized that the best leader is the one that is barely known. At the end, I hope that my students own these lessons and leadership qualities as their own. They don’t even realize that you were the one facilitating it.” – Rosie Hackett, Professor at Sierra Nevada University.