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Ep 38 | The Influence Mindset

September 27, 2022

Bill Bryan with Charlie White & Shelby Hart:

Bill Bryan from The Bryan Group has a lifetime of incredible experience working with leaders and managers and understanding what makes people, systems, and organizations work well – or not.  He’s a fixer, someone who leaders of universities, businesses, and school districts have reached out to when they have become truly stuck.

He’s an expert on organizational culture building and on the impacts of building sustainable human infrastructure – such as how role clarity or the lack thereof has such a huge impact on how people and teams perform.  

Bill shares insights on human dynamics, including resistance to change, abuse of power, influence vs manipulation, leader development vs leadership development, and the influence mindset.  Bill believes that people still have a profound lack of understanding of real leadership, and he shares anecdotes, stories, research, and approaches from a career spent at the cutting edge of what it truly takes for organizations and leaders to flourish.  

“You rise to the level of your inability to influence.” 

– ‘The Bryan Principle’