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Ep 28 | Stay Nimble and Stay Flexible

February 10, 2021

Today on the Podcast, we sit down to talk with Todd Steele, CEO of active-wear clothing brand Lolë, whose mission is to help people connect with the outdoors and bring well-being to as many aspects of their lives as possible. He speaks candidly about his journey into leadership, and how essential flexibility has been for him in this role. He realized early on that leadership is not something that simply comes to you, but rather it is a skill that you need to work on like any other. Like many leaders and businesses in the past year, Lolë was forced to change at a pace that was not normal for any business due to COVID – but at the end of it all, Todd recognizes that there were some positive attributes that came out of the crisis. The challenge now, he thinks, is going to be trying to retain those good things: “nimbleness, efficiency, openness to new ideas, and the idea that small teams can accomplish big things.”

“You have to work on being a leader the same way you have to work on all your other skills.”

Todd Steele