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The rising sun pierces my eyelids and forces my dreams to flee. I haven’t seen a rising sun on the horizon in as long as I can remember, especially not from the comfort of my bed. Back home, countless forest fires have left the sun obscured for nearly a month at this point.

The decision to hold a Move Mountains team retreat was right—even if it was only the result of having to cancel an event due to Covid-19. Our team has ventured out to camp at Great Basin National Park, where the Milky Way shines brightly in the night sky, and where the only sounds you hear are those of scurrying chipmunks, the occasional bird, or the gently flowing stream. We came here to reconnect and re-energize around the mission of Move Mountains.

In a world that is ripe with reasons to protect yourself and be cautious, the rising sun brings renewed hope, bountiful energy, and opportunities for joy, peace and love. May your rising today be like that of the sun. Be the light in the darkness. Be the good.