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Ep. 45 | Rosie Hackett – The Power of Self Coaching

March 29, 2024

In this podcast, Rosie Hackett shares her experience as a mindful leader and her recovery journey. She emphasizes her love for coaching and teaching, offering both services to individuals looking to enhance their lives. The Move Mountains Atlas Hub is a platform where Rosie will be sharing her wisdom and skills to help others improve their lives.

Charlie White and Rosie discuss the importance of self-coaching and how it can help individuals improve their lives. Rosie emphasizes the need to pay attention to one’s thoughts, emotions, and physical reactions and how teaching tools can be helpful in this process. She highlights the role of a coach in helping individuals find their own thoughts and stories, but also encourages self-coaching for long-term growth and personal development.

Rosie’s energy is contagious, and she has some world-class stories. Join Rosie starting May 1st for 3 months for her transforming group coaching cohort, ‘Live the life you love.’