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Ep 32 | Speaking Your Truth

October 14, 2021

Sue Purvis joins Charlie for a deep, thoughtful, and metaphor-rich conversation exploring the possibilities and fears of speaking your truth at home, in romance and relationships, at work, and in life. Sue is the award-winning author of the 2018 book ‘Go Find’; she is also a writing coach, public speaker, and wilderness medicine and avalanche education specialist who has taught on all 7 continents and is based in Montana. Speaking your truth brings up a lot of fear and risk for many; the risk of losing friends, jobs, relationships, and more. “Until I spoke my truth, my story wasn’t quite right,” explains Sue as she reflects on truth-telling within her ongoing spiritual and emotional journey. The conversation delves into our relationships with parents, time management, check-ins with loved ones, setting boundaries, personal survival, when to say yes and how to say no.

“Until I spoke my truth, my story wasn’t quite right.”

Sue Purvis