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Ep 14 | Leadership lessons from a D1 college football coach

June 24, 2020

Today on the podcast the head coach for the Washington State Cougars Football Team, Nick Rolovich, joins us. Nick shares his humbling journey of straying from his path and returning to his “why”. From that journey, Nick shares the lessons he now imparts on his individual athletes to mold a team dynamic that keeps everyone aligned and focused on the task at hand. Nick reminds us that within a team, every player will have their individual goals, of course, but when you step out onto the field or in the workplace, you play hard, smart and understand there is a responsibility to support the greater team. You are not just 11 individuals out on the field – you are stronger as a unit when you look out for your teammates or your coworkers.

“There will be emotions in this game. Don’t attack the person, attack the problem. Don’t get emotionally hijacked.”

– Nick Rolovich