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Bradenton, FL

Ph.D. Psychology, Lehigh University, M.Ed. Education, Lehigh University, B.S. Psychology, University of Florida

Major, United States Army Medical Reserves

Psychologist, US DEPT Of Veterans Affairs

Founder and Director, TELIC Institute, Human Development Programs

Work History

Having been involved in the world of human development for most of my life, I have come to believe that keeping it simple is what matters most. With that in mind, it is critically important that simplicity not be misunderstood as quick or easy. In order to simplify the sometimes challenging nature of the world around us, we must take time to thoughtfully organize and bring meaning and purpose to our lives and the lives of those around us.

Why Move Mountains?

My partnership with Move Mountains allows me to share and build great ideas and programs around the goodness of fit for people in all types of environments. Through developmental programs and creative hiring methods, we are able to create a mutually effective outcome for organizations and the people who make those organization great!

“Advice is what we ask of others when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.” - Erica Jong