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All things health and nutrition; Clean eating, longevity, preventative nutrition, Pranic Healing, and overall energy to achieve purpose.

Asking more mindful questions

B.A. Psychology, University California Davis | Certified Nutrition Consultant, Natural Healing Institute Encinitas California. 


Work History

With over 15 years in the health and wellness industry and founding an Australian kids supplement company (June Superfoods), health and mindset have been the foundation of Kristin's success. With a background in psychology and nutritional consulting, Kristin empowers clients to take control of their health and mindset to increase energy and achieve physical and mental health. Kristin supports clients in finding their innate greatness to live with purpose. Besides Health & Wellness, Kristin has coached athletes, run a surf resort in the Mentawais Islands of Indonesia, and organized and mentored high school students on 'Waves for Water' missions in Bali. Now working with Charlie and the Move Mountains team as a leadership facilitator, nutritional consultant, as well as director of growth marketing. 

What Mindful Leadership Means to Kristin

What the world needs is more impactful leadership. When we include mindfulness into leadership, it shifts from the leader being a 'know it all' to the leader becoming a 'learn it all.' As a leader becomes mindful and embraces personal growth, life takes on more purpose, which ultimately inspires others to grow and excel. Without mindfulness, a leader can only take a group of people so far. With mindfulness, together, they can reach new heights both professionally and personally.

For Fun

Kristin enjoys all the outdoor adventures. She spends her summers ocean surfing and wake surfing Lake Tahoe, hiking and exploring. Kristin’s winters are spent backcountry snowboarding and exploring all the mountains while balancing travel, yoga, and her daily mediation practice. Her family is number one, along with health, travel, and seeing the greatness in others. ‘There is no way to happiness; happiness is the WAY!’ Lao Tzu