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We are excited to announce that Move Mountains is celebrating ten years in business this January!

Some highlights from the past ten years:

  • A combined experience of over 100 years in coaching, training, and facilitation
  • Over 2,000 hours of coaching
  • Over 700 facilitated events

Move Mountains has created a legacy brand that our clients trust and consistently return to. Move Mountains exists to leave the world better than we found it, and we accomplish this one experience at a time. Our vision, "Together. Better than we found it," guides us in creating coaching, training, and facilitation programs beyond traditional agency curriculums. With a deep understanding of the human experience, we demonstrate attention to detail and awareness of blind spots. We implement a diverse feedback loop when developing custom programs for our clients that directly reflect the organization's needs. Those who've completed our programs leave possessing the knowledge, tools, and support to excel in their respective positions.

Move Mountains aims to be the trusted resource for supporting and developing your human capital. We offer speaking, training, coaching, team building, leadership development, and adventure programs. We use tested behavioral science methods to back our approach, allowing us to provide the best experience in personal and team development.

Moving forward, along with providing clients with our core Move Mountains services, we are expanding by building out a new brand called "Atlas, by Move Mountains." We believe our future depends on increasing services in human excellence to our current and future audiences.

Atlas is a community of experts in their respective areas coming together to provide a powerfully synergistic approach to individual and team development. This group of professionals will set the standard for a new business model in a saturated industry. Our members challenge the status quo of professional development and bring adventure, science-backed methods, and custom solutions to their customers. Atlas offers inter-collaboration between coaches, facilitators, adventurers, and speakers, giving clients a wide range of associated services to create a customized development program.

For us, simple sayings have complex impacts: our vision, "Together, better than we found it," lets the individual decide what that saying means to them in a way that honors our individuality. We all have a unique impact on the world, and the importance lies with the commitment to impact, not the specific method.

As we move into this special 10th Anniversary year, we hope you join us for one or more of the incredible experiences we will be offering. Keep an eye out in your inbox for more information about the exciting experiences we’re developing for you.

Please let us know if you or someone you know would like to join the Atlas Community. Of course, if you have any business needs, we would love to help!

Here's to another incredible year,