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Virtual Offering: Mindful Leadership 30

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Lead yourself and others through dynamic times

Let Move Mountains be your anchor and provide positivity, connection and guidance during these dynamic times. For 30 days, we will be connecting with one another for 30 minutes through our Mindful Leadership 30 program.

Here's What You'll Learn...

  1. Discover and practice tools to help you navigate challenging days
  2. Connect with others in this shared experience
  3. Set forth positive intention for your next 24 hours
  4. Learn to name and manage emotions during these dynamic times
  5. Explore Mindful Leadership techniques to support yourself and others

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How it Works

Sign up for Mindful Leadership 30 by providing your name and email address.

  1. We'll send you an email immediately after with the Zoom Information to join us.
  2. Every day we'll log on together at 1pm PST for 30 minutes.
  3. Each session will include a grounding practice, check-in with one another, learning and practice, time to reflect and closing.
  4. Receive daily reminders and what's ahead for the days session.


While this virtual offering is free, please consider donating to Tahoe Forest Health System. 100% of every dollar raised will support our local healthcare system.


About the Hosts

Charlie White, Founder & President
Si Norton, Director of Facilitation & Training

Charlie and Si have worked together at Move Mountains since 2016. Together, they have worked with global leaders, small businesses, and nonprofits, providing expert design, facilitation and coaching, creating palpable and sustainable change in the way leaders thrive. With Move Mountains, Charlie and Si develop Mindful Leaders, inspiring and empowering them to improve themselves, their organizations and our world, one choice at a time.