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We are taught from a young age that it is appropriate to thank someone who does something kind for us. A friend lends a hand. A server brings you a new fork after you accidentally catapult yours off the table. A family member brings you a roll of toilet paper after you realized way too late that there was only a teaser of a single sheet left on the roll. All of these are wonderful opportunities to give thanks.

Is this what Thanksgiving is about? Or, perhaps, is it to be grateful for the roof over your head? The food on the table? The heat of the fire keeping your family warm in the chill of late fall?

Our health, surely – giving thanks for another day of life. Thanking whoever or whatever you believe to be the source or provider of life. Another year of having the opportunity to experience the roller coaster that is life. In the era of COVID-19, it seems like gratitude for health and life are a noble use of giving thanks.

Maybe it’s about relationships. After all, this is the holiday we all gather around the table. Forgiving the awkward uncle and his inappropriate side comments. It’s the time we tolerate kitchen control battles for the sake of a meal, the likes of which we won’t see for 365 more days. It surely has to be about family and friends – about all we endure and embrace together on this journey around the sun each year.

Even in 2020, with all the restrictions and recommendations doing their best to keep people apart, the human drive for connection endures. When it seems that fear is trying to pin love to the mat, the human spirit endures with zoom celebrations, dinners at different tables, and self-quarantining to protect our loved ones. Regardless of your reason for giving thanks, or your method of expressing that gratitude, we wish you a day of celebrating the small and large blessings in life – a day where gratitude outweighs worry, and joy exceeds pain.

From all of us at Move Mountains, we appreciate your commitment to self-growth, your families’ well-being, and your community’s prosperity. Thank you for being a part of the Move Mountains family, whether as a client, a friend, or a colleague. We are all working to unleash the mindful leader within by discovering our blind spots in leadership and moving toward our best selves. Together as leaders, we are building relationships that brighten the world, one choice at a time.