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Day 23: Balance v. Harmony

July 19, 2024

Finding “balance” in our lives can feel like an elusive goal. Especially when you hear people ask, “have you found work life balance?”. What if instead of trying to find balance, we focused on creating harmony in everything we do. Working in harmony is about continually being curious about the environment we’re in, what we’re doing — despite external factors. When you’re working on a project, focus on that task at hand. When you’re making dinner and spending time with your family, give your full attention to your loved ones. Make conscious choices to be attentive and fully present to the task at hand. We’ll discuss more today on #ML30

Today’s Learning:

  1. Identifying common themes in shortcomings of work life balance.
  2. Balance: Stand on one foot and fix your eyes on a focal point. Do it again while turning head from one to the other. What do you notice?
  3. Harmony: Now stand with both feet grounded and step to one side, fully focused on that side and to the other. How does that differ from the first experience?

Today’s Practice:

  1. What boundaries do you need to be firm with to achieve work/life harmony?
  2. What’s getting in your way?
  3. How can you hold yourself accountable?
  4. What do you need to ask of your team? Of your family?