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You know that person in your life who always seems to have the most bizarre things happen to them? It’s as if dramatic experiences were tossed out in doses, and they always seemed to get more than their share – pet drama, kid drama, spouse drama, work drama… even random encounters seem to turn into bizarre drama. It would appear this person is cursed with an endless supply of chaos and opportunities to feel crazy. Is that person you? Add on the events of 2020, and the number of people feeling loopy increases. Many are left with the question… what the heck is going on and where do I fit into all this?

On a recent team retreat, I was reminded of how peaceful all of the chaos has the potential of being. While still having serious and rather intense discussions – on topics ranging from current events to the fear that arises when we are faced with the perception (or reality) of risk – a sense of harmony and ease filled the air in our time together. It gives me great hope that as life continues to offer its roller coaster of events and emotions, we are always left with a choice of how to move through our respective journeys.