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How do you manage risk at Move Mountains?

Risk Management is an essential skill promoted in Move Mountains facilitator development. Our programs often promote higher levels of risk (real or perceived). It is risk that allows our participants to feel the value of perseverance, teamwork and authentic and sincere increased levels of self-worth. Meanwhile, our team is diligently aware and mitigating real risk where such would be detrimental to the well-being of our participants. Most of our risk management is preventative in nature and is most successful when it goes unnoticed.

A few details about Risk Management at Move Mountains:

  • Our facilitators are already experts when it comes to interacting with the natural environment as 
well as managing human interactions.
  • Staff periodically attend the Wilderness Risk Management Conference to bring updated best 
practices back to Move Mountains.
  • Move Mountains administration has participated in Wilderness Risk Management Training 
provided by the National Outdoor Leadership School.
  • Staff are required to be certified in First Aid and CPR and most are Wilderness First Responders or 
  • Our staff meet monthly for ongoing training that includes best practices in risk management and 
crisis management.
  • Each field team is equipped with at least two communication devices and necessary 
emergency contact information.
  • Each field team is equipped with a Wilderness First Aid Kit.
  • Risk Management Protocols are included in facilitator training and updated regularly.
  • If we reach a point where we have exhausted our in-house resources, we work with local Search 
and Rescue operations to ensure the safe and successful evacuation of patients.