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Become a Mindful Leader in 2022

As we begin the New Year, there are plenty of opportunities for new beginnings for us all. At Move Mountains, we are partnering with The Sanctuary to host a new series of talks and workshops for the community.

Beginning with practical, free community conversations, we invite you to join Charlie White and the Move Mountains Team on a journey from intellectual understanding to embodied experience. Participate in workshops that will help you make 2022 more effective and fulfilling by understanding how achieving personal wellness and high-performance leadership are actually the same goals.

How it Works

Together, we’ll uncover your blindspots so that you can deepen your awareness to make
more informed decisions, take confident action, and experience the work-life balance you are

  • Each month, we'll dive into a specific topic related to finding the intersection of personal wellness and leadership excellence. We’re offering a FREE monthly coffee talk at The Sanctuary, where you'll get the chance to have an open dialogue and conversation with your facilitator, Charlie White, around each month’s Essential Question. Here, we'll leverage shared wisdom and collective experience, discuss responses as a group, and allow the conversation to generate valuable ideas to bring back to our respective lives and practices.

  • Want to dive in more? Join us at The Sanctuary for 2 Hour Monthly Workshops where you’ll learn how to move from intellectual understanding to embodied experience. Our curriculum is designed to promote living a balanced life – with your attention, intention, and action in alignment. You’ll come away from these workshops with a deeper understanding of the tools available to you, and the ability to make essential changes needed to be more effective and fulfilled in your personal and professional life.

FREE for all

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Session 1: Explore Your Needs with Curiosity and Clarity

FREE Coffee Talk with Charlie | January 17 from 9-10am

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means your friends and family have surely asked, “What are your New Year’s resolutions?” With so much hype and emphasis placed on resolutions, the thought of even setting one can be daunting. At this coffee talk, we'll dive into the essential question: Are New Year's resolutions worth it? What impact does the ideal resolution have on your life? How can we learn from past set resolutions and how do we keep them top of mind when it becomes March 2022 or even August 2022?

Move Mountains Workshop at The Sanctuary | January 25 from 5:30-7:30pm

In this workshop, you'll come away with...

  • The essential changes you need to make to feel effective and fulfilled.
  • Personal awareness of better leadership for your team
  • The ability to make better decisions by accessing more data through awareness
  • An understanding of how to use the Four Directions for deeper personal and situational awareness
  • Session 2: Envisioning Life (and Work) as a Mindful Leader

    FREE Coffee Talk with Charlie | February 10 from 8-9am

    It's February: let's check in. We’ll explore this month’s Essential Question: Frustrated by resolutions? How do we move from old undesired behaviors to new, desired behaviors? Are you upholding your New Year's Resolutions? Have you implemented real change or are you generally frustrated by resolutions?

    Move Mountains Workshop at The Sanctuary | February 17 from 5:30-7:30pm

    In this workshop, you'll come away with...

    • A connection between personal wellness and your leadership
    • A clear wellness and leadership course set for 2022
    • Practices to increase presence with your intention

    Session 3: Living in Alignment with your Resolutions

    FREE Coffee Talk with Charlie | March 11 from 10-11am

    Move forward in your journey to live a balanced life. Ready to fall in love with your work again? This month’s Essential Question asks: What does it look like to live as Mindful Leader? How do we bring our attention and intention into alignment? How do we take confident action?

    Move Mountains Workshop at The Sanctuary | March 24 from 5:30-7:30pm

    In this workshop, you'll come away with...

    • Tools to bring your attention and intention into alignment in the action you choose
    • Personalized practices for increasing behaviors that improve life at home and the office
    • An understanding of how to leverage past experiences and your relationships for strength

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