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Everett, WA

Truckee, CA

Hiking PNW

Anatomy, Movement, and Mind-Body Connection

Living in the Present Moment

B.A. Criminal Justice, Washington State University

Work History

Olivia served as an active-duty Security Forces Officer in the United States Air Force for six years. She started her career as a night-shift supervisor at Whiteman AFB, MO leading 117 law-enforcement professionals through grueling 16-hour shifts. After two years in Missouri, she moved with her husband to Kunsan AB, Korea where she was chosen to serve as an Executive Officer for a field grade officer (CEO) directing task management for almost one-thousand members. After a year of difficult administrative challenges during COVID-19, she was selected to become the Operations Manager for 214 law-enforcement officers and Japanese Contract Guards at Misawa AB, Japan. As the Operations Manager, Olivia oversaw all law enforcement and security on base, while also dual hatting as her boss’s deputy. After this chapter, she moved to Buckley SFB, CO overseeing anti-terrorism operations across the base while also managing administrative tasks for 219 members. 

Why Move Mountains?

While Olivia loved being a light for others in her career field, she was constantly exposed to traumatic incidents and significant daily pressure. Olivia took a hard look at her health, and the future of her family, and decided it was time to hang up the uniform. She was told about an opportunity, Skillbridge, a program that encourages the active-duty military to intern with a plethora of companies for up to six months funded by the military. She found Move Mountains and fell in love with their approach to personal development and the creation of more mindful leaders. Olivia is interning at Move Mountains from June-December of 2023 and is excited to learn all she can from their incredible team. 

For Fun

Olivia loves movement of any kind - but her best days involve dancing, swimming, indoor climbing with her husband, and hiking with her dog. She learned how to ski in Japan, and quickly fell in love with the sport and snowy mountains. Olivia likes to live outside of her comfort zone and is seeking more Type 2 fun, which there is no shortage of at Lake Tahoe!