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About Us

Extraordinary Service

Our Extraordinary Service Commitment means we will be with you every step of the way, offering support and service that leaves you feeling confident you will achieve sustainable results. With our Flex Adventure Commitment, we will never cancel a training as we model adaptability to ensure your program’s success.  We go above and beyond in our service to each client.  Above all, the high quality relationships with our clients will set us apart as the go-to company for Mindful Leadership training and coaching.

Engaging Facilitation and Experiential Learning Practices

Discover training and coaching the way it is supposed to be – full of movement, exploration and getting outside. Move Mountains programs create opportunities for mind-body interactions just outside the comfort zone and prime the mind to receive and retain new experiences, emotions, and knowledge. Focused on personal learning, our highly customized approach allows us to do deep work in the outdoors, in a the comfort of a conference room or remotely.  While retaining our results focus, we have the adaptability and expertise to engage participants in meaningful ways to promote greater personal growth and behavioral change.

Authentic Human Training & Skill Development

Our first priority is our service to people, complete with their range of strengths and opportunities.  Whether working with an individual or a group, we can help identify individual areas for growth and customize and action plan that supports your personal progress and provides measurable results. With a mission to create positive change in the world one person at a time, we are fueled by a passion to create training and coaching programs that speak to you.   

Framework and Data-Driven Performance Consulting

We aim to be an industry leader and to use the data and systems we build to continually evolve and adapt to the growing needs of the industry. The Move Mountains Discovery Survey and Development Inventory are backed by research conducted by Harvard, MIT, and McKinsey.  Together, they measure critical areas of human performance as outlined as outlined in our Mindful Leadership Framework. Additionally, our Development team constantly integrates research-based practices in wellness, organizational psychology, behavioral neuroscience, and multiple intelligences.  Our comprehensive Discovery Process drives our carefully crafted sequence of events, ensuring the impact of your experience is long-lasting.