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Lead boldly.
Our Mindful Leadership Programs show you the way.

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As a Mindful Leader, embody Attention, Intention and Action to adapt and thrive with harmony.

"Move Mountains was an exceptional experience. It’s tough to organize a group of enterprise CEOs, let alone truly move them personally and professionally in a meaningful way. Move Mountains and their leadership not only created incredible team dynamics, but also helped all of us reflect on our true passions."

– Charlotte Yate, CEO, Yates Ltd.

I am an individual

I want to grow into a mindful leader that is competent, confident, and connected.

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We are an organization

We want to grow our team into mindful leaders, so we reach our highest potential and long-term vision.

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What we do

Move Mountains events, coaching, and consulting will engage your mind and body using our Mindful Leadership Map and experiential approach. Grow into a happier and healthier you, and contribute to a stronger, more successful organization.

  • As a tech company, it’s hard to find professional development that creates a lasting impact on our work – Move Mountains did just that. Our time with Move Mountains was engaging and fun, and we all walked away with tools to help us communicate and find better balance in our work lives."

    TIM OLESNAVAGE, Co-Founder, Code Tahoe
  • After the Move Mountains workshop I felt ready to move mountains (quite literally) and a renewed connection to my purpose. I’m extremely to the facilitators creating a safe environment to share and reflect and ultimately grow. Teachings are simple yet profound and always presented with a touch of humor. I personally recommend for every company to invest in Move Mountains to inspire their leaders."

    Bettina Pullum, Workforce Solutions Manager, Global Operations for Hyatt Regency