"The world is wide, and I will not waste my life in
friction when it could be turned into momentum."

Frances E. Willard

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Headquartered in Lake Tahoe and operating globally, Move Mountains provides the perfect blend of adventure and cutting-edge corporate facilitation designed to improve team performance, mindful communication and personal growth. Created with the latest research-based practices in neuroscience, positive psychology and emotional intelligence, we deliver engaging and highly-customized programs that produce long lasting results for teams, groups and individuals.

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The Experience

The Neuroscience of Trust - by Paul J Zak, Harvard Business Review

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Dialogue and the Joy of Discovery

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Adaptability - Core Skills for Life and Work in the 21st Century

Reaching out to friends that inspire and motivate me is something I try to do constantly. In a recent conversation with just that kind of friend, she suggested I watch this video, from the Moxie Institute, as it speaks to the value of what our respective companies bring to teams and leaders.

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