How Corporate Leadership Teams Can Move Mountains

“A clear sense of common purpose and a well-formed camaraderie are essential ingredients to ensure that your team, your organization, or your company will perform to its utmost when it is most needed.”

– Michael Useem, The Leadership Moment

Many times, facilitators claim activities are “team-building” simply because they have participants spending time together. While those activities are certainly shared experiences and shared experiences strengthen relationships, they are not necessarily maximizing their potential at building a team.

Move Mountains understands that the strongest teams maximize the strengths of its members, share in the vision of the company, and spend time in reflection and analysis. Often, inefficiency and workplace miscommunication are a result of different perspectives and experiences with the vision. Our adventures are designed to utilize engaging and refreshing experiences to bring the team members into a shared understanding of vision, and their essential role in fulfilling the mission of the company. A team is only able to reach its full potential by investing in the growth of its individual members. Move Mountains takes one interaction at a time, growing healthy relationships that lead to the highest functioning teams.

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