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My daughter was four years old when I asked her if she wanted to go on an adventure.

We walked out of our apartment and I told her to pay very close attention. She said, “to what?” I said, “to everything.” That day we spent 2 hours walking less than 2 blocks. We walked down into the creek bed, checked one branch at a time and every rock too. We jumped off of everything we could and hid behind anything big enough to hide behind. Since then, she asks to go on adventures quite regularly. After all, an adventure is nothing more than diving into life with curiosity, courage and an open mind.

So it is to Move Mountains. We offer team development and personal coaching for those that are seeking Mindful Leadership. We offer opportunities to not only connect with yourself and your truest self, but with others among the majesty of Lake Tahoe and the world. The greatest adventure of all is in focusing our vision on one grain of sand at a time, one choice at a time, one human interaction at a time. In doing so, we Move Mountains.

“To the lovers of learning, life is pure adventure shared with adventurers.”

– Pearl S. Buck (1892–1973)