Team Communication Recalibration

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Here at Move Mountain, we believe that our best self is often buried under layers of experience and behaviors that no longer serve us. We work with you to identify those behavioral blindspots and shift your actions to align more with your deeper sense of commitment and purpose. As a team, we align our personal journey with the collective mission, bringing more vitality, ownership, and authenticity to the teams' success.  

How it works

Our unique blend of coaching, training, and experiential learning honors the diversity and complexity of each leader. This Customized Team Event will encourage, empower, and enliven your team with engaging and fun activities geared toward deepening human connection. Our team of facilitators weaves Mindful Leadership skills into activities seamlessly to promote personal well-being and team success


  • Build communication, empathy, & connection among the tea
  • Welcome and get moving: blending personal intentions
  • Knot a big deal: discover the strengths in others
  • Avatar: discover what drives us?
  • Going with the flow: problem-solve and have fun
  • Reach the summit together: bring actions into alignment
  • Gratitude and reflection
  • Guided group discussion to support connection, communication & mindfulness

  DURATION: 1/2 Day   VALUE: $5000
*Preferred Partner Rate discounted from $7,680

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