Ready for Change? Exploring AI & Emerging Technology's Impact on the Workplace

Join us on Thursday, April 25th from 12-3pm Pacific

2023 saw huge developments in the realm of AI as an everyday tool, a game changer in the workplace, and awesome potential for advancing humanity. AI and ChatGPT are just the latest in a dizzying array of technology advances, tools, apps, software that are omnipresent in our personal and professional lives. This workshop will explore the possibilities, potential and pitfalls of AI’s impact and implications on the workplace. 

Gain a solid, conversational foundation of understanding of what AI and ChatGPT are in 2024, and recent developments, trends & key questions.

  • Explore the possibilities, potential and pitfalls of AI’s impact and implications on the workplace.
  • With that foundation, examine their own thinking, blind spots and perspectives on these rapid technological advances.
  • Practice using ChatGPT to research what they might include if they were teaching this workshop.
  • Apply a model of technology behavior & change tolerance to their own style & skills.
  • Learn & complete a Working Styles Inventory assessment and connect that to emerging tech trends
  • Participate in a teambuilding activity about change tolerance and use of new technology tools
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Simon 'Si' Norton is a Global Educator, Facilitator, Trainer, Coach and Guide with more than 30 years of experience directing global education programs and building and leading effective teams.  He has successfully facilitated more than 1,000 experiential programs and workshops with adults and youth from over 175 countries and all 50 U.S. States.  He has worked in 60 countries.

Si is the Director of Facilitation with Move Mountains, and also works on many freelance training & mentoring projects for NGO, Educational and Corporate clients around the world.  Si is an accomplished teacher, trainer and facilitator of leadership & teambuilding, facilitation & training skills, project design & delivery, global issues & civics, mentoring and coaching, risk management, peacebuilding & dialogue, communication skills, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and outdoor education.

Si has a Masters in Global Education from Harvard University, and a Bachelor’s in World Issues from the School for International Training.  Si is also a professional kayak & paddleboard instructor, and a landscaper, specializing in stonework.  His home base is at Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and his interests include skiing, snowshoeing, curling, baking, and designing & building Tiny Homes & Cabins. 

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