Get Results!

See your team grow with more attention to detail, awareness and productivity as you and your team learn to maximize the strengths of each member and build sustainable relationships while boosting creativity and efficiency.

Wellness Adventures

Grow in resilience, awareness, innovation, and communication skills while decreasing stress, wasted energy and conflict.

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Authentic Leadership

Complete tactical-style training programs that have everyone involved. The Authentic Leadership program gives you the opportunity to set goals, and work together to improve individual and team performance.

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Staff Wellness

Create long term positive change in your workplace as we guide you through a seamless weave of fun and reflection.

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Our Process


We listen to you.  Integrating your objectives and needs into your highly customized program, Move Mountains further strengthens your team by weaving in development of fundamental areas of team and leadership performance, uncovered in the Pre-Program Discovery process.




Benefit from a highly customized program design that takes into account your situation and creates activities and adventures that match your vision and purpose.


Our facilitators are experts in their field and skilled at the art of leading you through a wide variety of activities.  Our staff participate in ongoing development that enhances your experience and ensures the facilitation is the best in the industry.


Reflection ensures that your investment in your team is maximized.  Move Mountains facilitates reflections that respect your time and honor your commitment to your team.


We help you process the results of your time with us and implement tools and strategies that ensure lasting change.

Who We Work With

Teams // through Communication Workshops, Leadership Training, Team Development Programs, Adventure Incentive Programs and Advanced Team-building Facilitation.

Individuals // through leadership and mindful communication development, follow-up coaching and mentoring, onsite and offsite activities and sustainable Personal Wellness Programs

Organizations // through HR Wellness Program Design, On-site Adventures and development of healthy, sustainable organizational culture.



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