Grow as a leader and a mindful communicator.  Maximize your teams productivity, creativity and efficiency.  We help work communities inspire civic engagement, compassionate dialogue and healthy lifelong-learning environments.  Whether you choose to work with us in your conference room or in the outdoors, Move Mountains will bring you an amazing, highly customized, program that will have you and your team working in your prime learning zone.

Our Approach


  • At the root of every action, every choice, is our awareness. Awareness allows us to make healthier choices in our lives.
  • Move Mountains stimulates awareness of the body and mind through movement-based initiatives, including games, extreme adventures and guided meditations.
  • Our programs draw from teachings of embodied mindfulness, social-emotional intelligence, and effective leadership techniques.


  • Once our attention helps us see events more clearly, our opportunities for intentional growth are expansive!
  • Move Mountains provides tools for setting and maintaining intentions in our personal lives and in our social lives, including work.
  • Whether the intention is as simple as taking the time to enjoy the company of coworkers or increasing job satisfaction or as grandiose as guiding a company through times of transition, we recognize that intention is the root of sustainable change.


  • Move Mountains provides tools and opportunities to take action.
  • Carry the skills with you and build a healthier home, more productive and fulfilling workplace and a more engaged and responsible community.

Who We Work With

Technology Companies // Corporations // Medical Organizations //  Leadership Teams// Regional and Statewide Organizations // Veterans and Military Families // Law Enforcement // Non-Profits // Teachers // Sports Teams // Individual Coaching // Schools // Parent Groups

Get Results

↑ Job Satisfaction    ↑ Resilience    ↑ Creativity    ↑ Innovation    ↑ Productivity    ↑ Mindfulness     ↑ Effective Communication     ↑ Respond rather than react
↑ Awareness     ↑ Positive Choices     ↑ Efficiency     ↑ Meaningful Relationships     ↑ Patience

The Bigger Picture – Giving Back While Growing

Whether you join us for an hour or a week, you are already helping to Move Mountains in the community. A portion of our profit helps Move Mountains offer programs for students, teachers, families and communities.

Some of the organizations that have benefited from our reduced rate Educational Programs:

Incline Elementary School // Incline High School // Lenz Elementary School // Huffaker Elementary School //  Tahoe Family Solutions

Join the Movement

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