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No two teams are the same, which is why every program we offer is custom to your team's unique needs, goals and idea of adventure. With Move Mountains, your team will receive on authentic experience with meaningful results.

We do this through our Move Mountains Impact Method, which combines your team's desired goals, your chosen depth of impact and a fully-customized indoor or outdoor adventure.

Our Impact Method

The Move Mountains Impact Method is a three-step onboarding process that strategically designs the most impactful program for your team. Our team of program designers will work with you one-on-one to identify the most appropriate solutions with each step. Yet we encourage you to learn more about each step below.


Desired Goals

When designing your custom event, we first look at your teams' desired goals. In other words, what are you looking to get out of a team building, training and/or development program? Each goal that we design around includes a key objective and several outcomes. It is the outcomes that your team will experience long after the event is over. Currently, we offer 21 commonly cited goals to select from as well as the option for a fully-customized goal strategy.

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Depth of Impact

After we identify your core desired goals, we work with you to determine what depth of service best serves your team, budget and retention interests. To do this, we have four Impact Levels to select from. These levels vary in three areas: 1) Planning & Design, 2) Facilitation, and 3) Reinforcement Strategies.

Call and ask about our Discovery and Reinforcement methods that follow us to stand by our commitment to your team’s development. 

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Custom Adventure

The third step is to select a custom indoor or outdoor adventure that suits your team and serves as a vehicle for delivering your Goal and Impact Level. We offer over 50+ physical experiences that take place in all environments, from indoor workshops and escape rooms to kayaking and challenge courses

Some of our key offerings include:
• Outdoor Adventures
• Interactive Challenges
• Portable Escape Room
• Indoor Workshops
• On-Site Training
• Team Multi-Day Retreats
• Blended and Flex Packages 

Full List Available on our FAQ page.

Our View on Adventure and Indoor Events:

We believe "adventure" defines the way we look at our experiences.  Injecting curiosity and challenge into activities allows us to transform indoor meetings into engaging and impactful experiential learning opportunities. Indoor meetings can be fun, engaging and powerful leadership and team development experiences.  Transforming your typical meeting into an impactful one is our expertise!

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