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Ep. 42 | Jeremy Lawson - Focused Warrior Mindset

November 30, 2023

Join Move Mountains Founder Charlie White as he chats with Jeremey Lawson of the Focused Warrior System. Learn how Jeremy overcame a major head injury by using his mindset and focus. With a master’s degree in kinesiology, Jeremy Lawson has 22 years’ experience training elite athletes who went on to national pro leagues like the NFL, the NBA, and the PGA Tour. He’s also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

His background includes:

Mindset Coach for Nordhoff High School Football Team Strength & Conditioning Coach at UCLA & UC Berkeley Golf Specific Strength & Conditioning Coach – Los Angeles County As Jeremy’s career expanded he started to realize that while an athlete has a limit on how physically strong and fast they can get, the strength of their mind has NO LIMIT!

Jeremy saw time and time again that the athletes that go the farthest have the strongest mindset, not necessarily the strongest physical body. An athlete’s focus, confidence, and ability to perform under pressure will never stop improving if practiced.

The FOCUSED WARRIOR system takes athletes to a higher level. A level most of their competition doesn’t attain. Practicing only sports skills and conditioning isn’t enough anymore. The mind must be fully strengthened like everything else.

“Be here right now, what do I have to do to be my best right NOW!”

Jeremy Lawson