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Ep 41 | Everything is a Choice - Surviving Injury in the Backcountry

September 25, 2023

“I am a Masterpiece and a hot mess at the same time.” Rosie Hackett

After surviving an avalanche in Canada’s Backcountry, Move Mountain team member and results coach Rosie Hacket sits down with Charlie for a great discussion on the mindset behind dealing with injury. 

‘I’m here, I’m open, and I trust.’

Rosie Hackett is a results coach in South Lake Tahoe, an outdoor professional, an avalanche educator, and an overall incredible athlete. Rosie lives and breathes the coaching process and believes in its power to unleash human potential. She has dedicated the past 30 years to high-performance coaching, wilderness expedition guiding, and leadership development for schools, organizations, and companies all over the world.

For such an active athlete, it’s difficult to deal with downtime from a season-ending injury. During these times, we have to deal with ourselves and teach ourselves perspective in life. 

What about people that have to talk all the time… That comes from not being enough. You are enough!!

“Every day and every way, I am getting better.”

Rosie Hackett