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Ep 35 | Choosing to Explore the Possibilities

January 26, 2022

Russell takes us on a fascinating journey through his family’s bold and life-affirming decision to move from Seattle to Costa Rica for a year, inspired by a Tony Robbins question:  “What is your plan?” He and Charlie explore the mindset of possibilities and serendipity, choosing to live as you want to and breaking free from the stories and setbacks that constrain our hopes and dreams.  What does it mean to invest in life experiences, and to grow the trust that you’ll be ok rather than retreating to what is known and safe and always manifesting the other shoe dropping?  Russell & Charlie explore the 5 steps to get into a life design mindset, including grounding stories with facts, and finding your guiding principles, and end by asking listeners where in their lives they feel most alive and present. 

“We create this mental construct of confinement that keeps us from doing the very thing we know we’ll figure out if we just took the leap and did it.” 

Russell Benaroya