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Ep 30 | Evolving Beyond "Man Box" Culture with Joree Rose & Dr. John Schinnerer

April 14, 2021

Today on the Podcast, Charlie is joined by two guests, and they dive deep into leadership skills as relationship skills. Joree Rose is a LMFT, Author, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, and Podcast Host of Journey Forward with Joree Rose. Dr. John Schinnerer holds a PhD in Psychology, and is an Executive Coach and Podcast Host of The Evolved Caveman. The three of them discuss how the culture of masculinity influences leadership, and how your actions as a leader influence all the relationships in your life. John and Joree stress the interconnection of self-awareness, cultural socialization, and boundaries in your skills as a leader, as well as how those skills translate across all your personal and professional relationships. If you’re interested in learning tools to become not just a better leader but lead a happier, healthier, and more meaningful life, this episode is for you.

Boundaries are a beautiful way to have respect for yourself and others.

– Joree Rose