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Ep 25 | Earning it Every Day

October 14, 2020

Jumping into another week of messiness, we are joined by a different perspective this week: Eric Edelstein, President of the Reno Aces Minor League Baseball Team and Reno 1868 Football Club. Eric and Charlie talk about leadership in sports and navigating the changes to this world during COVID-19. As a young child, Eric realized that being an all-star player wasn’t the only way to keep the game he loved in his life; what he lacked in natural-born ability he could make up for in hard work. Embracing a strong work ethic from an early age allowed Eric to focus on achieving his dreams, which has led him to managing professional teams for over 20 years – something he never takes for granted. Staying involved in professional sports as a career takes constant adaptation and personal development. “It’s not my birthright to be the president of a professional sports team. It’s something I have to continue to earn each day,” Eric says.

“Accept what is. Make the best decisions you can with what’s in front of you, and don’t necessarily worry if they’re the perfect decisions.”

Eric Edelstein