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Sebastopol, CA

B.S. Environmental Science and Ecology, Sierra Nevada College

I love that Move Mountains embodies distinct core themes, while offering a wide array of activities. From backpacking to kayaking and from group facilitation to individual mentoring, Move Mountains promotes mindful awareness of ourselves and others, using the outdoors as a vehicle for growth.

I feel that my past has given me the ability to connect with a variety of individuals from different backgrounds. Raised by a single mother working three jobs, we learned to find beauty in the little things. My most beloved toys were hand-me-down Beanie Babies and the rocks and marbles I found in the backyard. I was also a very quiet, recluse and somewhat chubby child, who would cry at the word: “Hike.” It wasn’t until I began playing volleyball in seventh grade that I finally became passionate about something. I find that I have a lot in common with kids from different socioeconomic backgrounds as well as those who are still finding where their passions lie, as I can often see myself in them.

"Enlightenment begins where the pavement ends!”