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Greenbrae, CA

Boise, ID

Any mountain bike trail adventure

Science, engineering and mind benders

Gratitude and Presence

A.A Photography, North Idaho College, (2003)
B.A. Film/Cinema/Video Studies, Boise State University (2005)
M.A. Elementary Education, Sierra Nevada College (2015)

Work History

Emily began her teaching and outdoor education journey in 2005, despite the influx of mosquitoes that year. Since 2005, Emily has had the opportunity to camp, hike, ski, climb, float, travel, guide, facilitate and learn with a variety of ages, maturity levels and intellects across numerous countries. Europe and Australia were her home for three different stints as she guided week-long outdoor education and self reflection trips. Since then she continues to relish in her work in the outdoors, guiding individuals into growth-based situations, while encouraging awareness, and more water consumption. Emily also has been devising creative, engaging STEM lessons every week for her enthusiastic middle school students.

Why Move Mountains

Emily was drawn to Move Mountains as she felt like it aligned with her life mission to develop the whole human. Move Mountains has helped her find a place of gratitude and peace. Her involvement in Move Mountains helps her to focus on being a more engaged, thoughtful, patient person who breathes deeply in moments of challenge and conflict, most of the time.

For Fun

Individuals who work with Emily appreciate her attempts at humor, however mistimed the attempts may sometimes seem. Though her chief ambition is to one day possess the skills to keep an orchid alive more than a few weeks, Emily busies herself in the meantime coercing her 4-year-old identical twin boys to not play the drums on everything within their vicinity. Their dog demands they spend most of their days outside on beaches, trails, mountains, lakes, rivers, skis, boards, bikes and scooters, which they don’t mind at all. Ideally Emily wants to live in a world filled with empathy, belly-laughs, Thai food, and a force field around her laptop that repels cats, dog drool and sticky-fingered toddlers.