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Vancouver, WA

B.A. Humanities, Sierra Nevada College

While there are a lot of outdoor adventure focused companies that are doing great things, few focus on leadership, team-building, and other critical life development skills, like mindfulness. Move Mountains is really empowering in these facets, constantly looking for ways to aid in people’s growth, both on individual and group levels, and finding ways to use the lessons learned in a field to, essentially, make the world a better place. It sets participants (and instructors) up for a more sustainable that continues when you return from your trip and often shifts the way that you think about and approach life.

I’m really good at asking really odd questions and slipping in whitewater references that nobody understands.  I think I’m good at finding unique solutions to group dynamic issues, and at facilitating self and peer driven learning.

"Well made sandwiches and waking kids up to watch the sunrise are two of the best things in life. Both take a lot of work and coaxing though." - Courtney Zink