Lafayette, IN

Washoe Valley, NV




B.A. Speech Communications, The University of Illinois (2002)

M. Ed. Organization Development, The University of Illinois (2003)

Work History

Neill spent the first 12 years of his career as a management consultant managing the people implications of rapid and wide-spread transformation in Fortune 500 organizations. During the course of his work, he led numerous client and consulting teams to the realization of their project and professional objectives and acted in various leadership roles developing Human Capital, Employee Engagement, Change Management and Strategic Communications consulting practices and consultants. In 2014, Neill decided to pursue work on his own terms and began the process of finding and doing more meaningful and fulfilling work, leading him to - among other things - building a business as a career growth and leadership development coach, facilitator and consultant. In 2016, Neill became involved with Move Mountains and it couldn’t have been a better fit. He now splits his ‘work’ time between Move Mountains, running his business, acting as a property caretaker in the Reno/Tahoe area and coaching on the Mt. Rose Ski Team each winter. 

What Mindful Leadership Means to Neill

Neill believes there is no greater responsibility as a leader than to create an environment for his/her followers that allows them to grow, learn and ultimately develop into the person they want to be (at work and at home). To accomplish this lofty goal, leadership must be in the service of those who are being led and there is no other way to understand and meet the needs of others than to apply the techniques that mindfulness teaches. In leadership parlance, this might be called Emotional Intelligence (EQ) but Neill believes it is with Mindfulness that EQ begins - Mindfulness is the fundamental set of skills that governs how we experience ourselves and how others experience us. 

For Fun

Neill hails from the Midwest and only recently found himself living a life he had only gotten a taste of while on too-short family vacations or enviously visiting friends who had somehow managed to extricate themselves from city life. Being a relative newbie to the mountains, Neill does his best to experience all they have to offer - exploring on foot, bike or in the water in the summer and in the winter, he’s busy pretending he’ll one day be good enough with two sticks strapped to his feet to feature in a Warren Miller flick.