The Neuroscience of Trust - by Paul J Zak, Harvard Business Review

This article is particularly valuable when considering bringing in an outside company to facilitate team or leadership development programs.  (A link to the complete original article is at the bottom of this post.) Some key points that spoke to us as a staff are outlined below.  Many confirmed what we suspected or knew and some shed new light on typical workplace challenges.

As the author notes, there are "eight management behaviors that foster trust."  We have added our thoughts on the integration of this data into Move Mountains programs.  Bold items are squarely in the wheelhouse of Move Mountains programs.

1. Recognize excellence.

2. Induce "challenge stress".

3. Give people discretion in how they do their work.

4.  Enable job crafting.

5. Share information broadly.

6.  Intentionally build relationships.

7. Facilitate whole-person growth.

8. Show vulnerability.


Harvard Business Review: The Neuroscience of Trust

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