Meditation and The Brain

Our team and yours benefit from group and solo meditation practices.  In a 2017 article in Forbes, Alice Walton sheds light on the different effects that each type of meditation may have on the brain.  Move Mountains is proud to facilitate and guide each of these types of meditation.  Below are key take-aways from her article and a link to the complete article.

"Loving Kindness Meditation (Training in Affect) increased thickness in regions known to be involved in socially driven emotions like empathy.

Focused Awareness Meditation (Training in Presence) was linked to enhanced thickness in the Anterior prefrontal cortex (PFC) and the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), which are regions known to be strongly involved in attention.

Mindfulness Meditation (Training in Perspective) associated with changes in areas involved in understanding the mental states of others, and inhibiting the perspective of oneself.)"

Different Kinds of Meditation -Effects on Brain

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