Move Mountains Values

Authenticity & Integrity: We believe that living a life where your values and your actions are in alignment is living an authentic life; it is living with integrity.  Doing so requires a dedication to awareness and intentionality that is constantly evolving, and ever in need of compassionate support from peers and colleagues.  Likewise, we strive to ensure that the product we deliver authentically matches the needs of the participants, while showing integrity by living up to our word.

Gratitude & Kindness: We practice living with respect and compassion for our shared humanity.  We aim to treat ourselves and others with kindness.  We demonstrate awareness and appreciation for all gifts, from small to large, and view our daily opportunities through a lens of gratitude.  We look at our work with you as an opportunity to serve you, and we appreciate your commitment of time and resources to the process.  Therefore, we only ask you to complete tasks that are essential to maximizing the effectiveness of the process. 

Presence & Choice: We all enter experiences amidst other life events, tasks and responsibilities.  How Often we get lost in thoughts of going somewhere, spending time in a far-off land. How often do we look at adventure as being somewhere else at another time only to find out that we rarely enjoy the moment and place we are in.  Being present is the real adventure.  In this moment, in this place, we open our minds, senses and hearts to new ways of perceiving ourselves and the world.  We have the opportunity, the freedom, to choose our response to the present moment. 

Inclusion & Community: The relationships we keep, and grow are vital to our mental and physical well-being.  We promote a sense of community that welcomes our shared humanity, celebrates our unique strengths, and honors our common bonds. 

Resilience Mindset & Transparency: Innovation comes through a commitment to be the best versions of ourselves, a learning environment that fosters creativity and empowers growth.  It comes from making mistakes, learning, and growing each time. None of this is possible if we blind ourselves to our areas for improvement. Transparency begins with the self and expands within the safety of our community.

Excellence & Humility: We offer every moment of work in service to our clients, with the full and humble recognition that time is precious and every moment counts.  We offer ourselves in the role of facilitator and servant leader.  We celebrate laughter and encourage the balance of serious reflection and light-hearted humor that grounds us in a recognition that we are all equals, all called to serve one another in love. In all that we do, we give our absolute best, striving always for excellence in our work and our expression of these values.