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We are drawn to Tahoe for many reasons:  the stunning landscapes and nature, the climate and altitude, the year-round activity options, the dynamism of people, and more.  A common sentiment among long-time year-round residents of Tahoe communities is that Tahoe’s community ‘feel’, demographic patterns, and housing picture are changing.

The current ‘shoulder’ season is the quietest Tahoe has been since the start of the pandemic;  Tahoe and Truckee’s year-round populations have expanded by 25% with the urban exodus and the increased flexibility and necessity of working from home.  The COVID years have seen Tahoe’s already strong housing market go to unprecedented prices, and the supply of affordable (or even expensive) monthly or seasonal rentals dwindle to almost zero.  Fewer rental choices impact the availability of workers:  few places to live means fewer staff to hire.  While many businesses continue to be understaffed and struggling to maintain supplies and resources, Tahoe’s seasonal visitor numbers continue to climb, especially in the summer months. 

2020 and 2021 also brought us 2+ months of harmful smoke and fire danger and a massive evacuation of South Lake from last year’s Caldor Fire.  Reno (and, to a lesser degree, Carson) are also growing dramatically, driving up Tahoe’s visitor and recreation numbers.  More people bring more vehicles, more trash, more congestion, more frustrations, and more opportunity.    

Are these patterns of change something Lake Tahoe goes through generationally as the times change, or something we haven’t seen before?   We have heard more people talk negatively about Tahoe in the last few years than ever before, and more people talk of leaving in the summer months.  We have also heard more people actively trying to lean into or find a positive mindset and intentional gratitude for being able to live, work and raise families in such a beautiful area, despite these changes and challenges.  

What’s your perspective and opinion on these changes and challenges?  Do they impact your day-to-day mindset or lifestyle?  Have they brought new opportunities for your work or business, or are you looking for new ways to put a positive spin or proactive approach to what’s happening?   

This interactive, discussion-based workshop will explore all these questions and more.  We’ll apply a Mindful Leadership approach to examining the issues and your responses and choices, and we’ll deconstruct how mindsets are generated, can be shifted, and can impact behavior and outcomes.  We look forward to connecting with you on May 24 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at the beautiful Sanctuary Tahoe in Crystal Bay.  Light refreshments will be provided.