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Day 9: Energizing with Curiosity & Positivity

June 24, 2024

“Group Leadership is about empowering everyone in a team of equals to participate and perform at their highest abilities and creating spaces of trust, support and respect in which everyone is valued for who they are and diversity thrives.”

– Si Noron

Energizing with Curiosity & Positivity

Today we continue our curiosity conversation and focus in on how we energize ourselves and others with this new found lens. When we become curious, we can authentically engage with others and transform our work, team culture even our family dynamics during these close quarter times. Let’s do this, #ML30 team!

Today’s Exercise:

Focus today on energizing with curiosity and positivity — especially when working with others, building and empowering your team.

We’ll do an exercise we like to call “Me at my best”. Think back to a moment or time when you were showing up in the world exactly as you want to be.

In your breakout room, partners should listen carefully and intentionally. After sharing for about a minute, partners will reflect back by saying “In you I see…” and reflect back the strengths they heard.

For today’s full session, please watch our day 9 episode below. Enjoy!