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Does something in your life trip you up, remain stubbornly resistant to change?

Your brain and body take shape in response to your life experience. Through unconscious and implicit memory, you put successful behaviors on neuromuscular autopilot.

Yet behaviors that once helped you succeed get in the way of your future. 


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Your $79 Membership Includes:

Free 30-Min Consultation

Let the Move Mountains Team identify where you're currently at and set forth what we'll be working on during your month-long Blindspot Mapping. 

Blindspot Survey

Let our comprehensive assessment of your Mindful Leadership jumpstart your journey to discovering your leadership blind spots.

Skill Workshop (One Session)

Attend our monthly Virtual Workshops through the Move Mountains Club offers skill development based on our established Mindful Leadership Curriculum. Leaders report that these workshops open their eyes to new perspectives and offer them tools to show up as a better leader to their team.

Blindspot Coaching (1 hour)

Coaching allows each participant identify, work through, and be held accountable for the deep work needed to do to achieve lasting behavioral change. Clients build relationships with us quickly because we model and practice the kind of vulnerability-based trust required of the best leaders.


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