Adaptability – Core Skills for Life and Work in the 21st Century

Reaching out to friends that inspire and motivate me is something I try to do constantly. In a recent conversation with just that kind of friend, she suggested I watch this video, from the Moxie Institute, as it speaks to the value of what our respective companies bring to teams and leaders.

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Creativity and The Brain

Not a day goes by without something to learn, some way to grow and improve, something to appreciate. The August, 2013 blog on Scientific American Mind entitled, The Real Neuroscience of Creativity, by Scott Barry Kaufman, is a great example of information that we can apply to daily life.

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12 Leadership and Life Lessons Learned – A Friend Lost, A Lamp Lit

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine was enjoying a visit in Thailand, when a motorcycle accident put him in the hospital. He was hospitalized for 6 broken ribs. Shortly after, a blood clot moved to the left side of his brain. A neuro surgeon did what he could to relieve the pressure in his brain, but the injury left Don in a coma. He left many of us thousands of miles away wishing for the opportunity to see his smile once more. His son, daughter and best friend, a retired ER physician and a medical transport service transported him back to Whitefish, Montana, where loved ones were able to say goodbye.

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Why and How Successful Companies Are Transforming Traditional Teambuilding

According to a 2015 study from Inside Higher Ed, 64% of recent college graduates believe they are well-prepared to work with others on teams. Unfortunately, only 37% of employers feel the same way about those graduates (Jaschik, 2015). When we assess the needs of 21st-century businesses, we see skills that become imperative to teach as part of company culture since they are not adequately being taught in schools. Skills missing in recent graduates include critical thinking and problem-solving, attention to detail, communication and leadership (Strauss, 2016).

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A Call for Mindfulness around the Election

Turn on the news, open social media, look in neighbor’s yards.  Wherever you look, chances are for the next two weeks, you will be inundated with election news (and some useless or repetitive information not fit for news but proven to grab the attention of Americans).  So, get fired up!  Right? Sure.  Why not?  It’s […]

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