Create the Life You Love - Coaching in Community


Our thoughts create our feelings, which create our actions, which create our results.  Every result originates in a belief.  By paying attention and being intentional with your thoughts, feelings and actions, you can create the life you love, and Rosie is going to show you how to do it.

Join this incredible group coaching cohort to transform your life.

Month One:  Thought downloads.  What are the thoughts we think day in and day out.  Exploring the impact of our thoughts.

Month Two:  Emotions and Feelings.  Looking at our Emotional Intelligence.  If everything in our life is to get or avoid a feeling, up level your attention around the impact of your emotional experience.  Create the emotions you want. Generate what you want through increased Emotional Intelligence.

Month Three:  The Shift.  Bringing it all together, we practice and see tremendous growth in this last month.  Getting results.  Create the life you love.


  • May 1 - July 31 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Weeky Challenges
  • Creating the Life You Love Workbook providing tools, resources and practices to support you along the way
  • Limit 10 people

All inclusive $2,000.00

Limit 10 Participants



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