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For the first time since 9/11, I have the same feeling - like I am living in the twilight zone.  The past few weeks have shown a world that is simultaneously hopeful and fearful.  Regarding the COVID -19 Coronavirus, I have heard both that we are not doing enough and that we are blowing this totally out of proportion. While it can be easy to be swept up in the constant news updates, spiraling into a paralysis of “what-if’s,” I think it’s important to also acknowledge the overwhelming outpouring of love.

I am lucky to have recently spent a long weekend with family, celebrating my mother’s 80th birthday. As we gathered, she offered us this wisdom: “I didn’t make it to 80 by being afraid every time the world told me I should be.” On the side she offered me further advice by saying, “If you realize that you don’t really have control of when it’s your time, then it really removes the unhealthy overdose of fear from the equation.”  Through our conversation, I was reminded of caretakers who throughout history served people with leprosy, victims of AIDS, and people with an assortment of ailments over time. My mom’s hopeful determination reminded me that no matter the challenge, love finds its way to the surface through the courage and kindness of humans, one act at a time. 

Our world, our friends, our neighbors may be experiencing loneliness, isolation, and fear. Some may be struggling to adapt to the world as it changes. In times like this, while it is undoubtedly important to be aware, to take caution, and feel prepared, it is equally essential to remain compassionate. Support those around us with love, healing, and strength. Share your light with the world. Sing loudly songs of love and healing and strength. Take care of yourself: read, write a poem, take a walk, breathe. Reach out to loved ones, check in on your neighbors, offer assistance if you are able.

To our clients and friends, we are here to support you in this challenging time. Reach out to us. For the next 30 to 60 days we will do everything we can to help you at no added financial burden to your organization.If you are business leader or manager and you just need to bounce thoughts off someone, or talk to a coach, we are here for you. Feel free to reach out. If you need us to facilitate a zoom strategy or reflection session, we are here for you.Let us know how we can help. Together, we will make it through this. Move Mountains exists to serve the world, and for as long as we can, we will do so to the absolute full extent of our ability.

Take care of yourselves and please keep in touch. We all need to reach out a bit more than usual these days.

May you be well. May you be safe. May you be healthy and strong. May you be happy. May you find peace. May you be at ease, calm and grounded.

- Charlie White